Curing Skein

When removing roe from a fish keep away from water. A quick rinse is ok to remove blood but will require a drying process to remove the extra moisture.
Never freeze eggs in water for later use. Always cure roe as soon as possible.
Roe will keep in a refrigerator sealed in Ziploc bag for up to a week before curing, but it is recommended that curing be done as soon as possible for better quality.

  • Place roe in the refrigerator in paper towels over night to drain
  • Unwrap and place on news paper
  • Cover with borax (get into seams of skeins)
  • To have colored eggs mix in a small package of sugar free Jell-O (Optional step) or buy Procure instead of borax. Dry food coloring can be added to the dry powder to get desired shades.
  • Cut into bait size pieces.
  • Spread out individual baits on newspaper
  • Let air dry until crust has appeared on one side
  • Flip over baits until the form crust on one side again
  • Place in container and cover with fresh borax
  • Label and date the container
  • Freeze or place in refrigerator up to two months
  • If frozen, a quick zap in the microwave can be used to thaw
  • Hide them well in the fridge so the wife doesn't see them!!!