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Before deciding on that preferred date, keep two things in mind. The first thing is that weekends are the preferred – the first to go dates and of course, limited. Secondly, each specie has a particular time when the fishing is better. With this in mind, one should book a charter in advance, a year is not too far. When choosing a date, a deposit of $200.00 will reserve this date. This deposit is refundable upon bad weather or an extreme circumstance. A two week cancellation notice is the least notice that is accepted unless of course the weather is bad. You will be responsible for bringing the proper clothing, footwear, food, beverage, etc. Upon request, food and beverage can be provided at a reasonable cost along with taxidermy service and videotaping. If tournament fishing excites you, there are limited days available for these events. The Vision Quest visits several different Ports over the season to compete in salmon & trout tournaments. Call or TEXT Captain Pete at 814-602-8432 for more detail. You can also email me at:

Meet the VQ Fleet


Vision Quest 6

This 31' Tiara Fishing Machine has twin fuel injected inboards and is capable of running 40mph. The beam is 11'6", she is 33'3" overall and loaded with an array of electronics and fishing equipment. She is one of the finest charter boats on Lake Ontario. This boat was meant to run, gun, and fish in comfort while pursuing Lake Ontario Salmon and Trout!


Vision Quest 5

This 37' Tiara Fishing Yacht has twin 3208 Cat engines and is capable of running at 40mph. The beam is 13'9", shoe is 39'3" overall and loaded with an array of electronics and fishing equipment. She is one of the finest charter boats on all of Lake Erie. This boat was meant to run, gun and KILL fish!


Vision Quest 4

This 27' Tiara Pursuit Fishing Machine has twin 350 Crusaders, 10' wide and fully loaded with electronics and fishing equipment. This boat is a mini-destroyer and has put a mega-dent in the fish poplution over the years!

Meet the Captain


Captain Pete Alex

I believe when you hire a skipper, it is good to know with whom you are dealing with and what their background is. After all, you will be stuck with me on a boat for 9 hours.
Your Captain was born in Erie, PA in 1965. I have logged over 30 years of open water trolling experience on Lake Erie, Ontario, Michigan and Huron. I started trolling in Lake Erie in 1980 near the beginning of the highly successful Coho Salmon in Erie, PA and have been trolling around ever since. I have seen the start and end to many things on Lake Erie. I obtained my captains license in 1987 and started my charter career in 1988. My service did very well after just a couple short years and I was booking 80 to 100 trips per season in just a short time. Eventually, I decided to take over the family roofing business and operate a part time charter service. However, I had to retire from the charter business as I grew the roofing company from 10 employees to 50 employees and started my family. In 1997, I opted to start another roofing company in New Castle PA which had as many as 40 employees. However, I missed the charter business although I continued to fish during these years. After taking a few years off from the charter business, I decided to start my business again and sold my New Castle Company. Along the way, I re-committed my life to Jesus Christ, married and found time to have 4 children and a step child. I am very proud of my wife and children.

They help keep me on that straight path and they remind me what life is truly about. I am a very competitive person. I love to beat the fish and find it very rewarding to provide my customers a successful and safe day on the water. am or any Captain is. My motto “Leave No Fish Behind” is proof. Vision Quest is one of the most successful fishing operations on both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. I love to fish tournaments and in 2005 I started to fish these more regularly. Success was not fast at first because we often traveled to foreign waters to compete and with little practice time. It was extremely hard to dial in the fish on another Lake. However, Team Vision Quest has compiled an impressive record over the years with over 100 top 10 finishes to date since 2003. Many of these have came since 2005 when I made a commitment to tournament fishing and many more will hopefully follow. This is also a testament to my competitive nature and desire to be successful. In 2007 and 2008, Team V.Q. finished in the top 10 in 22 out of 27 events that we participated in. Not many fishing operations can relate to that kind of success. Since 2006, Team VISION QUEST has placed in the top 10 in well over 100 events on the Great Lakes with 45 being either 1st or 2nd place finishes. I have been associated with several fishing product companies over the years as a member of their Pro-Staff and am involved with lure design. It seems I am always trying to find that “perfect” lure or fishing program. Currently. I am proud to be associated with: Dreamweaver Lures, Fish Hawk Electronics, Big Jon Sports, Costa Sun Glasses, SHIMANO Fishing Products, Silver Horde, GAMMA Fishing Line, AFTCO, Pautzke/Atlas Mike's Scents, Torpedo Trolling Products and FishUSA.

I consider myself a well rounded skipper and the most overall experienced Captain in Erie, PA. Why? Because I fish from April to December and do not specialize in one species. I fish every month for all species and have learned much and have gained vast experience over the years. I am currently the only Captain in our area that fishes this type of schedule and can put my customers on fish during any given month. Currently, I own (3) fishing boats that are well maintained, clean and equipped with professional tackle. I do not skimp when it comes to tackle or equipment. All three boats are made by Tiara. Tiara has the reputation for making the best fishing boats on the Great Lakes and I would have to agree. The Tiara Yacht 3600 Open is the gem of the charter fleet in Erie, PA. I now have a 3100 Tiara Open with hard top on Lake Ontario and I use the 2700 open to travel and fish tournaments sometimes and it is my early/late year rig. I am also comitted to the fishery : I am the current president and founder of the Erie Pennsylvania Sport Fishing Association, serve on the Lake Erie Percid Management Committee, I represent the State of Pennsylvania as the Pennsylvania Sport Fishing Advisor on the Great Lakes Fishery Commission Commission's Committee of Advisors (that's a mouthful), maintain memberships with several fishing organization's and complete several fishing seminars per year. I believe that one should give back to the fishery that has been so good to me over the years and have done so by investing knowledge, time and resources to this very fishery. This brief autobiography should help you know your Captain in a better manner. I look forward to meeting you at the dock.

2022 Charter Rates

Multiple boat charters are available upon request.
Each angler is required to bring...
Plenty of warm clothes (when applicable)
Soft soled shoes, boots, or sneakers. (NO work boots allowed)
Sunglasses and Sunscreen
Camera and/or Video Camera
Coller to transport fish fillets home in
Proper fishing license (including Lake Erie Permit and Trout Stamp in PA)
Lunch and Beverages

Vision Quest 6 VI - 3100 Tiara 11.5ft Beam (33ft length overall) 5 person Max - LAKE ONTARIO ONLY

May 1st to October 28th for salmon

1 to 4 people
8 hour trip Dock-to-Dock

5 people
8 hour trip Dock-to-Dock

Trip lasts up to 8 hours or when a limit is achieved.

Vision Quest 5 V - 3600 Tiara 14ft Beam (39ft length overall) 6 person Max - LAKE ERIE ONLY

May 1st to October 28th for walleye & trout

1 to 5 people
9 hour trip Dock-to-Dock

6 people
9 hour trip Dock-to-Dock

Trip lasts up to 9 hours or when a limit is achieved.

Vision Quest 4 IV - 2700 Tiara 10ft Beam (29ft length overall) 4 person Max - LAKE ERIE ONLY

April 1st to May 1st and October 1st to November 27th

1 to 4 people
9 hour trip Dock-to-Dock

Trip lasts up to 9 hours or when a limit is achieved.

Instruction Service

This service is provided year round to anyone who has the ambition to become a better fishermen.


Lure Selection

All Experience Levels Welcome


Instructional Service Training

Technique Training - Downriggers, Slider Fishing, Dipsy Divers, Slide Divers, Lead Core, Wire Line, Paner Boards, Inline Planers, Drop Weights, Inline Weight and much more...

Lure Selection - See what colors lures the pro's use and in what conditions they work best...

All Experience Levels - This service is recommended for the novice as well as the experienced. We GUARANTEE you will leave this lesson and be better at the sport of fishing as well as a get a few "goodies" at the end...

VALUE - Our instruction service included 5 hours of intense fishing eduction and training for only $175.00 per person. A minimum of 3 people required.l If you do not have a group we may be able to match you with.